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Application Process:

1.  Click the link above to complete an Enrollment Application form. Deliver the form to Ramona School. The form will be date stamped to verify the order of application received

2. Attend an informational meeting. (see flyer for dates)

3. Complete the HSD enrollment process and submit all documents, including permit request and release if applicable. *

Two Way Bilingual Immersion Academy

Enrollment Requirements
Requisitos de inscripción

The Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) Academy is a bilingual program offered to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students in which the students learn how to read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish.

Emphasis on Spanish instruction in the early grades allows English-speaking students ample exposure to the target language-Spanish. English reading is introduced in Grade 3. Spanish-speakers have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and build a strong base in their first language, enabling them to be more successful as they begin to acquire English orally, and later as they transfer reading and writing skills into English.

The following chart illustrates the percentages of Spanish/English instructional time at each grade level:

Grade Level Spanish Percentage English Percentage
Kindergarten 90% 10%
1st Grade 80% 20%
2nd Grade 70% 30%
3rd Grade 60% 40%
4th-6th Grade 50% 50%


The duration of the TWBI Program is from kindergarten through sixth grade. Upon completion of the 5th grade Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Academy students move on to Hawthorne Middle School where the academy continues for 6th grade and a Spanish for Spanish-speakers elective is available. In order for students to be successful in both languages, it is important for students to remain in the program for all 7 years.

The program requires a balance of the number of native English speaking students and native Spanish speaking students. Students who speak only English may enter the program in kindergarten or 1st grade. Students entering after 1st grade must be reasonably fluent in both English and Spanish.


* If the student does not live in the Ramona area, you must submit a permit request with your enrollment. Please note that the permit is specific to the TWBI program only. Students who are on a permit and then exit the TWBI program must return to their home school. Transportation to Ramona School is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.